Changes the way you clean

The Vax Cordless range has the power to change the way you clean. Vax has created a family of LithiumLifeTM powered cordless cleaners designed to bring the convenience of cord-free cleaning to every room in your home. No more plugging & unplugging, no more getting tangled in the cord.

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The Vax Blog will help make dreaded cleaning tasks fun, simple and educational. By engaging you in our stories, tips and much more we hope to open your eyes to a whole new world of cleaning as well as inviting you to join us in daily discussions where you can share your thoughts and opinions.

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Steam Fresh Power Plus

Powerful Steam Cleaning From Floor To Ceiling

A steam mop, handheld and reach wand that uses powerful steam and detergent to break down grease and grime fast and leave your home smelling fresh. Plus, with 360 steam tools it means no place is hard to reach. 

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Reduce Moisture Fast

The powerful Vax Power Extract dehumidifer range rapidly removes excess moisture and helps prevent mould and mildew for a happier and healthier home. The range also reduces the time it takes to dry clothes and has a 24-hour timer which allows scheduling.

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Our powerful Power Heat oil filled radiator range delivers fast and efficient portable heating to keep your home warm and comfortable. The SmartAir thermostat monitors the heat in the room and maintains your desired temperature.

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Spares and Solutions

Enhancing your Cleaning Performance

Providing all you need to get the best from your machine, our range of cleaning solutions, spare parts, tools and accessories will enhance cleaning performance and leave your home feeling and smelling fresh.

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