Energy Label explained

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Product Fiche

Emissions emitted

Amount of dust emitted from the vacuum exhaust.

Emissions Scale

Pick up on carpet

Dirt pick up based on Wilton carpet.

Carpet Pickup Scale

Overall Energy Rating

Energy per year

Noise Level

Pick up on hard floor

Dirt pick up based on hard surface with crevice.

Hard Floor Pickup Scale

Vax Dynamo Power Total Home Upright Vacuum Cleaner



The Vax Dynamo Power Total Home is a versatile, total home cleaning solution that has a large capacity for less frequent emptying, a long reach hose and is ideal for homes with pets.

  • TurboTool removes embedded dirt and pet hair
  • Stretch hose for easy stair cleaning
  • Up top tool for cleaning high surfaces around the home
  • Large capacity for longer cleaning and less frequent emptying
  • Up to 6 years Warranty

    All Vax products come with up to 6 year warranty

  • Free Nominated Delivery

    All machines and solutions come with free nominated day delivery

  • Expert Support

    Free expert support with all of our products