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  1. £ 129.99
    PowerWash 2000w Pressure Washer

    The Vax Powerwash 2000w medium duty pressure washer is ideal for cleaning bikes, cars, paved surfaces, patios and decking. 140 max bar pressure delivers optimal pressure to remove dirt quickly and efficiently.

    Power: 2000w Rated pressure: 100 bar Max pressure: 140 bar

  2. £ 159.99
    VAX PowerWash 2000w Complete Pressure Washer
    • Medium Duty Pressure Washing
    • Car cleaning tools included
    • Patio and surface cleaning tools
    • 1x Car cleaning detergent
    • 1x Patio detergent
    Power: 2000w Rated pressure: 100 bar Max pressure: 140 bar

  3. £ 169.99
    Vax PowerWash 2200w Complete Pressure Washer

    The Vax PowerWash 2 Complete Pressure Washer is a 2200W high powered pressure washer that’s perfect for large homes with tough outdoor cleaning tasks.

    Power: 2200w Rated pressure: 110 Bar Max pressure: 160 Bar

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  4. £ 29.99
    VAX Pressure Washer Car Cleaning Kit

    The Car Cleaning Kit contains the perfect accessories for your Vax Pressure Washer.  For cleaning all types of vehicles, these tools easily tackle extra dirty areas such as alloy wheels and car grills, with a 360° rotary brush.  More sensitive surfaces, such as car doors and wing mirrors, can be cleaned with the car brush which agitates dirt from the surface.

  5. £ 39.99
    VAX Pressure Washer Patio & Outdoor Cleaning Kit

    The Vax Patio cleaning kit contains the perfect accessories for your Vax pressure washer, to clean your patio, driveway, and other outdoor surfaces such as walls and fences. The large circular Patio Brush cleans lare flat areas easily, whilst the versailte Outdoor Brush tackles tough dirt from a variety of outdoor objecst such as garden furniture, conservatory windows, and plant pots.

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    VAX Pressure Washer Total Outdoor Cleaning Kit

    For use with Vax pressure washers, the Total outdoor cleaning kit contains the perfect accessories for all round outdoor cleaning.


6 Pressure Washers 6 products

Our Pressure Washer Range

Vax don’t just provide great cleaning products for inside the home, we also provide cleaning products for outside as well! If you have a mossy patio or a dirty car, our pressure washers are a great solution for all your outdoor cleaning needs.



Choose Your Power

If you just need a quick clean on your deck our 1700w pressure washers will be light and easy to use. On the other hand, if you need a something with a bit more power to cut through stubborn dirt and grime, our 2200w or 2500w pressure washers will make those outdoor chores a breeze.


Along with great performing pressure washers, we also provide a range of useful tools and accessories specifically designed to help clean patios, decks and cars.

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