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    VAX PowerWash 2500w Complete Pressure Washer

    The VAX PowerWash 2500w Complete pressure washer is ideal for heavy duty outdoor cleaning, and comes with a range of tools and accessories including a Patio Kit, which makes cleaning outdoor surfaces a breeze. The high flow rate and high max pressure effectively blast away dirt and grime from a range of surfaces including large cars, brickwork and larger outdoor areas.

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    VAX PowerWash 2000w Complete Pressure Washer

    Online Exclusive: The PowerWash 2000w Complete is only available to buy online at vax.co.uk!

    The PowerWash 2000w Complete is a powerful medium-duty pressure washer with a range of accessories to make every outdoor cleaning task effortless, including a Patio Kit and Car Wash Brush. With 2000w power and 140 bar max pressure, the PowerWash 2000w Complete makes light work of blasting away tough dirt and stubborn grime from a wide range of outdoor surfaces, including patios, decking, cars, garden tools and even BBQs. It can cover on average 25m2/hr, so medium sized areas can be cleaned in no time at all.

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    VAX PowerWash 1700w Car Pressure Washer

    The Vax PowerWash 1700w Car is a compact pressure washer ideal for cleaning small cars, BBQs, bicycles, garden furniture and much more. The powerful pressurised water blasts away stubborn dirt and grime effortlessly, with a car cleaning kit to quickly and easily clean your car.

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    VAX Pressure Washer Car Cleaning Kit

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    The Car Cleaning Kit contains the perfect accessories for your Vax Pressure Washer.  For cleaning all types of vehicles, these tools easily tackle extra dirty areas such as alloy wheels and car grills, with a 360° rotary brush.  More sensitive surfaces, such as car doors and wing mirrors, can be cleaned with the car brush which agitates dirt from the surface.

  5. £179.99
    VAX PowerWash 2200w Complete Pressure Washer

    Medium - heavy duty pressure washer, ideal for cleaning large cars, caravans, motorcycles and bikes, as well as paved surfaces such as patios and driveways. Also perfect for other garden surfaces such as decking, fencing, sheds, and conservatories. 150 Max bar pressure delivers the optimal pressure for removing stubborn dirt and embedded grime from large items such as cars, caravans, motorcycles and bikes, as well as cleaning large paved areas, decking and conservatories quickly and efficiently.

5 Pressure Washers 5 products

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