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  1. VAX Dual V Advance Reach Carpet Cleaner

    Was: £379.99

    Now: £239.99

    The Vax Dual V Advance Reach is a powerful carpet cleaner that washes carpets and upholstery, sucks up spills and removes stubborn stains, with a longer reach hose to effortless total home cleaning. SpinScrub Technology is great for removing deep down dirt and grime, featuring rotating brushes to agitate carpet fibres and lift out stains..

  2. VAX All Terrain Carpet Cleaner Washer V-125A

    Was: £399.99

    Now: £249.99

    The Vax All Terrain Carpet Cleaner V-125A is a brilliant multi-surface cleaner which effectively deep cleans carpets, upholstery, stairs and hard floors. The hard floor kit lets you safely wash your hard floors, to ensure spotlessly clean results. The All Terrain features Dual V technology to deliver powerful suction, and to help you carpets dry more quickly, perfect for busy family homes. SpinScrub technology utilises rotating brushes to loosen embedded dirt and stubborn stains, with an additional SpinScrub tool for washing stairs and upholstery.

  3. VAX Mach Zen Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

    Was: £279.99

    Now: £129.99

    The Vax Mach Zen Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner C86-MZ-P is one of our quietest and most powerful multi-cyclonic cylinder vacuum cleaners yet. It is 70% quieter than a conventional cylinder vacuum, so cleaning your home is a much more peaceful experience for you and your family. Its antibacterial HEPA media filter makes it ideal for homes with pets, which removes dust particles, pollen and other allergens effortlessly. Its TurboTool effectively removes pet hair from carpets and is ideal for cleaning upholstery, stairs and car interiors.

  4. VAX Power 6 Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner C89-P6N-P

    Was: £99.99

    Now: £74.99

    The Vax Power 6 Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner C89-P6N-P is a lightweight and compact bagless cylinder with variable power top effectively clean a wide range of surfaces in your home. Its features a large 3 litre dust capacity, so you can vacuum for longer without having to stop to empty for more efficient cleaning. Its also very lightweight at only 5.4kg, so you can effortlessly lift and carry it around your home. The Power 6 is ideal for pet owners with a TurboTool for removing pet hair and a HEPA media filter to reduce dust particles, allergens and pollen.

  5. VAX Air3 Max Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner U88-AMM-P

    Was: £299.99

    Now: £199.99

    The Vax Air3 Max Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner U88-AMM-P is a lightweight and powerful multi-cyclonic vacuum with a large capacity. Multi-cyclonic technology ensures powerful suction and excellent cleaning performance, with Air Motion technology to allow you to effortlessly steer around your furniture at the flick of a wrist. The Air3 Max Pet features an antibacterial HEPA media filter, which removes allergens, dust particles, pollen and pet related odours. The TurboTool is also brilliant for removing pet hair from carpets and upholstery, making it an ideal choice for pet owners.

  6. VAX Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner S6S

    Was: £159.99

    Now: £109.99

    The S6S Home Pro is featured in the top 50 best household cleaners in The Independent newspaper!

    The Home Pro steam cleaner combines the power of steam with our specially formulated Vax Steam Detergent, to achieve brilliantly clean results on a wide variety of surfaces. It comes with a 16 piece accessory kit, which includes a tool for almost every cleaning task in your home, for hygienically clean results.

  7. VAX Dual V Advance Carpet Washer

    Was: £349.99

    Now: £229.99

    The Vax Dual V Advance carpet washer is one of our most powerful carpet cleaners yet. It effectively washes carpets and upholstery, removes those stubborn stains and sucks up accidental spills. Featuring SpinScrub technology, it agitates the carpet fibres to easily lift out tough dirt and grime and the most stubborn stains..

  8. VAX Rapide Ultimate Carpet Cleaner W87-RH-D

    Was: £199.99

    Now: £139.99

    The Vax Rapide Ultimate carpet washer is easy to use and achieves spotless cleaning results, featuring powered water jets to clean deep into the carpet pile and lift out dirt, grime and stubborn stains. Also included with the Rapise Ultimate is a free Vax S4 Handheld Steam Cleaner worth £49.99 for free!

8 Results found