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  1. VAX Air3 Max Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner U88-AMM-P

    Was: £299.99

    Now: £199.99

    The Vax Air3 Max Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner U88-AMM-P is a lightweight and powerful multi-cyclonic vacuum with a large capacity. Multi-cyclonic technology ensures powerful suction and excellent cleaning performance, with Air Motion technology to allow you to effortlessly steer around your furniture at the flick of a wrist. The Air3 Max Pet features an antibacterial HEPA media filter, which removes allergens, dust particles, pollen and pet related odours. The TurboTool is also brilliant for removing pet hair from carpets and upholstery, making it an ideal choice for pet owners.

  2. VAX Air Total Home Upright Vacuum Cleaner C89-MA-T

    The Vax Air Total Home Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner C89-MA-T is one of our most compact and powerful mutli-cyclonic cylinders, so you can easily lift and carry it around you home without compromising on spotless cleaning results. The Air Total Home features a longer reach hose, so you can clean right to the top of your staircase leaving the machine safely at the bottom. A full range of accessories are also included so you'll have a tool for every possible cleaning task.

  3. Power 6 Total Home Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

    The Power 6 Total Home is a compact and lightweight bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner with variable power for cleaning all types of surfaces. It has accessories for every possible cleaning task and a longer reach hose and cord.

  4. VAX Air3 Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner U87-AM-C

    The Vax Air3 Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner U87-AM-C is our top spec Air3 vacuum cleaner, and is exclusively available at It is more powerful, has a larger capacity and has a longer cord so you can clean from room to room without having to change the plug. Cleaning to the top of your stairs is made effortless thanks to its extra long stretch hose. The Air3 Complete also comes with a full range of accessories so its ideal for total home cleaning.

4 Results found