Vax house cleaning tips checklist

The new year means it’s time for a fresh start, and a clean home. The festive period can leave your home looking dull and in need of deep cleaning. Start the year off the right way by feeling comfortable in your own home knowing its clean and tidy after ticking some of these tips off the list.

All about planning

Start by planning when you’re going to clean, pick a free date and stick to it, this will hopefully encourage you to get going. You also might want to begin with clearing out old items, this could be things you don’t use or wear anymore. Perhaps old cleaning tools or devices don’t work anymore, why not invest in some new ones to help your clean more enjoyable.

Give your home what it deserves

Need a new vacuum cleaner, the ONEPWR Blade 4 Dual Pet & Car is designed to not only help you restore your home back to normal but also your car. It comes with a flexible powered hose to allow you to get into all those awkward spaces inside your home or car. Why not use one of the adaptable attachments to tackle your skirting boards, windowsills, or radiators.

The oven is one you want to tackle, especially after the Christmas period. Did you know you that using a steamer is a great way to clean your oven? Not only is it simple but it can also be better for the environment by not using harsh chemicals. Did you know you can even get your microwave to steam clean itself? Simply add white wine vinegar to a bowl of water and turn it on. Any dirt will come right off!

It’s time to deep clean your carpets, you’ll be surprised at how much dust, grime and bacteria can build up in your carpets, even if you regularly vacuum clean. So why not test out the Platinum SmartWash carpet cleaner? Using the Platinum Antibacterial Solution, the Platinum SmartWash kills over 99% of bacteria*, leaving your carpets fresher for longer.

Still don’t have time?

Looking for something that will bring ease to your cleaning and speed up the time? Well, we have a solution for that. The ONEPWR Glide, vacuums, cleans, and dries your hard floors all at the same time and even kills 99.9% of bacteria**.

*When used with Vax Platinum Antibacterial Solution.

** When used with ONEPWR Multi-Floor Solution.

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