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What's in the Box

  • Vax Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner

    Vax Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner

  • Steam Cleaner

  • 250ml Detergent

  • 2x Microfibre pads

  • 2x Window/upholstery cloth

  • 3pc Extension Tubes

  • Carpet glider

  • Concentration Nozzle

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Features & Benefits

Steam + detergent

Using steam + detergent will break down grease and grime quicker than steam alone. With the combination of steam + detergent the S6S will successfully remove stains and stubborn dirt from your sealed hard floors, not to mention leave your home smelling clean and fresh!

16 piece accessory kit

The versatile 16 piece tool kit enables you to clean surfaces above the floor such as windows, taps, ovens and grout. This will enable a total home clean. The angular floor head is also perfect for manoeuvring and getting into hard to reach areas for a more thorough, while the carpet glider simply attaches to refresh and steam clean your carpets and rugs.

Large capacity

The Vax S6S Home Pro Compact steam cleaner has a large capacity so you can clean for longer without having to constantly re-fill. This will ensure you complete your clean in a more time efficient manner.

Variable steam control

The S6S Home Pro has variable steam and detergent controls, both on the machine and handle . You can therefore control the steam pressure to adapt to specific cleaning tasks for the best possible results. It also means you can use the detergent at your own convenience by using steam only or detergent and steam.


Vax Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner