The Big Spring Clean


It’s finally that time of year again … the Big Spring Clean! Although the weather may not make it feel like spring just yet, it’s still the perfect time to dust off those cobwebs and give your home and car a thorough clean.

At VAX, we’ve come up with some tips to help you tackle this job, making it just that bit more manageable.

Start by planning your route, or which area you want to start with. It’s always best to plan your route before you start cleaning so you can follow an organised path and tick off each room at a time. We suggest starting with the room that needs the most cleaning work and leaving the easy rooms till last, especially for when you get tired.

Next on the list is making sure you’ve cleared the areas you want to clean. You’ll be surprised how much this delays you but also ensures you get that full deep clean. It’s best to clear out all small moveable items from each room and set them in a corner ready to put back once you have finished cleaning. For example, in the kitchen make sure all your surfaces are free from appliances such as toasters, kettles, mixers, utensil pots etc.

Another tip to follow when doing the spring clean is to work from top to bottom. No matter which room you are cleaning, it is always best to clean from top to bottom so that any dust and debris can fall to the floor and not dirty something that has just been cleaned. Start from the ceiling and work your way down in stages – from lights, walls, cabinets, fixtures and fittings, surfaces, furniture and finally floors.

When you’re tackling the big spring clean, you’ll want to make sure you have a set of good cleaning tools to get the best results. At VAX, you can currently save up to £200 across the range. Looking for a new vacuum to help clean up debris or dust, why not check out our cordless blade range, starting from just £179.99, you can easily manoeuvre around your home from room to room without the inconvenience of a cord.

Once you’ve vacuumed depending on what floors you have, you’ll want to make sure you’ve deep cleaned them. For hard floors, test out the new Glide 2, our best performing cordless hard floor cleaner for spills, stains and deep cleans.

If you have carpets, you need to invest in a VAX carpet washer to get the best results. Currently the Platinum Power Max is on offer for just £199.99, saving you £50 today! It’s proven to clean better than the leading rental*, leaving your carpets dry in as little as 1 hour**. *Cleaning effectiveness on carpet, tested in deep clean mode according to IEC 62885-3:2014 part 5.2.1. ***Tested in quick clean mode. Results may vary. For further information email [email protected]

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