Cleaning tips for pet owners


Do you own a four-legged friend, whether it be a cat or dog, and are looking for cleaning tips to keep on top of the mess? From washing chew toys to investing in the right sofa, keeping your home odour-free and spotless is not as hard as it may seem.

As much as you love your furry friend, one of the biggest challenges of owning one can be keeping your home clean. From muddy paw prints to pet hair left all over the furniture, they will often leave you with at least something to clean up.

At VAX, we want to help you keep on top of pet mess with some clever cleaning tips that work well with many of our pet cleaning tools we currently have on offer.

Have a deep clean – Its good to get into a habit of routinely cleaning toys, blankets, and beds, this will help reduce the spread of germs and dirt. To help clean the toys, you can either fill the sink with hot water and soap or if suitable, pop them in the washing machine and then hang them on the line.

Cover up furniture – Maybe your pet is allowed to cuddle up on the sofa alongside you in the evenings, or perhaps it even has its own chair! Often soft furniture items can be destroyed by muddy paws, pet odours and fur so it’s recommended to cover the items with blankets or covers. This makes it much easier to clean but just removing the covers to wash. If the furniture still has elements of pet hair, why not try out the VAX Blade 4 Pet & Car, currently on offer for just £199.99, saving you £100!

Leave muddy paw prints to dry – Although it can be frustrating when your dog leaves muddy paw prints all over your new carpets and you want to instantly get rid of them, its best to wait. Once they have dried out, you can then loosen the dirt with a scrubbing brush and then vacuum clean away and excess dirt using a VAX Blade Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Pet odours and stains – Pet smells and stains can be unpleasant as it is, so you don’t want them being left in your home for long. The best way to tackle these is to use a Spot Washer. At VAX we have a range of Spot Washers available on offer from just £109.99, so take a look to find one that suits your cleaning needs.

Keep on top of clutter – Cleaning can be a chore at the best of times but having to tidy up after a dog can make it even more tiresome. One of the best ways to help tackle this is to keep on top of clutter in your home. Make use of storage boxes to store away pet items such as toys and blankets. You’ll see how quickly it makes a difference to your home and makes it much easier when tidying the rest of the house.

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