Top Cleaning Tips This Summer

Vax Summer Sales - Vacuum Cleaners, Hard Floor Cleaners, Spot Washers

Still waiting for Summer to finally arrive? Even if the weather lets us down we can still dust off the garden chairs, crank up the BBQ and enjoy a British Summer with family and friends. 

The kids are off school and the house is full of laughter – but it’s also likely a lot muckier than usual! 

Keeping the house fresh and clean during the summer months needn’t be a hardship though – Here are our top tips: 


Keep things dust-free 

There’s no denying it – things just seem to get dustier and dirtier in Summer. A vacuum cleaner like Vax Edge is perfect for both quick nip-arounds and whole-home cleans. It might be cordless, but there’s no compromise on power and capacity; it’s fitted with a full-size dirt bin, two types of brush bar designed to tackle both carpets and hard floors, and it has a runtime of up to 100 minutes – more than enough time to do the whole house, should you so wish. 

Vax Edge offers everything you love about a traditional cordless vacuum cleaner – just without the cord. It’s an all-round winner in our book. 


Make hard floors sparkle 

During the summer months hard floors see a lot of traffic, and that means more dirt, more spills and more bacteria. A hard floor cleaner makes it easy to keep areas like kitchens and bathrooms gleaming. With one like Vax Glide 2, you can vacuum, wash and dry all at the same time. And did we mention it’s cordless? With 20 minutes of consistent power and a sleek, easily manoeuvrable body, your floors will be clean in the blink of an eye. What’s more, our anti-bacterial solution leaves your home filled with a super summery scent.  

Clean, shiny, fresh-smelling floors, without the backbreaking work – check. 


Bring carpets back to their former glory 

Summer is the perfect time to give your carpets a deep-clean, and with Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner, it couldn’t be easier. Rotating bush bars penetrate deep into the fibres to agitate and lift stubborn stains and bacteria, leaving your carpets looking bright, feeling soft and smelling great.  


Be prepared for whatever life throws at you. 

Lastly, no cleaning collection is complete without a spot washer, designed to make tackling accidental spills and stains a piece of cake. 

So, whether you need to rescue your carpet after a red-wine fiasco, make mucky paw prints vanish, or just freshen and revitalise smaller areas like rugs and upholstery, Vax SpotWash Home Pet-Design is sure to become your new best friend. 

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