Corded Vacuum Cleaners

Air™ Lift

Powerful, multi cyclonic and the UK's lightest corded lift-out cylinder* — the VAX Air™ Lift Range.

From £119.99

Air™ Stretch

High performance, multi-cyclonic and lightweight upright vacuum cleaner with an extra long reach - the VAX Air™ Stretch Range.

From £99.99

Air Max Pet

The VAX AirTM Max Pet is a powerful, cyclonic cylinder with our best performance and Direct Airpath Technology.


Mach Air™

Powerful and lightweight upright vacuum cleaner with no loss of suction** - the VAX Mach Air™ Range.

From £79.99

Air Range

The AirTM Range offers multi-cyclonic technology for constant, powerful performance*.

From £89.99

Pick Up Pet

The VAX Pick Up Pet is a powerful, cyclonic cylinder for strong performance on all floor types.



Everyone who loves a clean home and clean carpets will know it takes regular vacuuming to keep it that way.

Our range of Upright Vacuum Cleaners offer powerful, lightweight, multi-cyclonic cleaning with no loss of suction. From the VAX Air TM Lift, the UK’s lightest corded lift out vacuum cleaner, to the versatility of the AirTM Stretch with its 17m cord, to the powerful pickup of the VAX Mach Air, our uprights range cater for all cleaning needs.

*Based on UK market data Jan 2018-Dec 2018. Inclusive of lift-out machine and cleaning hose.

**Tested to IEC62885-2:2016 clause 5.9. Machine must be maintained as instructed in user guide. Tested to max fill line.