Essentials for the staycation


Staycations are all fun and games until you have to return home and end up bringing the mess with you, despite how much you try not to. Sand all over the car after a beach day, including sand in your shoes and socks, even in your hair. You’ll soon walk it in the house and all over the stairs. Of course, we haven’t even got started on the muddy footprints after a visit to the park because let’s face it, there’s likely to be a few drops of rain.

At VAX were here to help with some cleaning tips and recommendations for the staycation this year and restoring your home and car ready for the next holiday.

Once you’ve emptied the car from luggage, children and pets, you can start by tackling the car interior with a vacuum cleaner, we recommend the cordless Blade 4 Dual Pet, our best for cleaning performance anywhere in the home or car. By using the motorised pet tool, you can remove any mess left in those hard-to-reach areas from the trip such as sand, dirt, or pet hair.

Don’t forget the Blade 4 Dual Pet can also be used to clean up in your home after. With up to 45 minutes runtime* per battery, it provides continuous cleaning performance and, if that is not enough, you can simply switch out for another ONEPWR battery and keep going.

The next job on the list is to tackle any spills or stains left in the car, we all know a long car journey can be challenging at times and spills are bound to happen.

Take a look at our spot washer range to pick out the best model for your cleaning needs. We recommend the VAX SpotWash, a great cleaning companion, helping you to remove spills, stains and pet messes in the home and car

Even better it adapts to multi-surface cleaning, so you never worry about spots or spills again. Whether a glass of juice is split on your carpet, or there are muddy footprints on your kitchen tiles, wherever you need to clean, the VAX SpotWash can tackle messes on a multitude of surfaces.

With the help of VAX you no longer need to shy away from the post-holiday clean up, there’s products to help suit all your cleaning needs which aim to offer that whole home and car clean.

*Tested in standard power mode on hard floor, with floor brush switched off.

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