Summer cleaning with VAX


It’s the start of the summer events, festivals, sports matches, BBQs, and picnics just to name a few. It’s a great time for families and friends to be together and enjoy being outside. With the typical British weather, we can never guarantee it’ll be just sunshine and often we are forced back indoors bringing along with the dirt and bacteria from outside.

Just because it’s summer, brighter and warmer doesn’t mean you should take a break from keeping on top of cleaning your home. Pollen, dirt, bacteria, and grass can be walked into your home which can be embedded within your carpets or floors. At VAX, we have a great range of cleaning products to help keep on top of the summer cleaning without taking up too much of your time, allowing you to get back outside and hopefully enjoy the sun.

If you want to quickly freshen up your floors, you can start by using the VAX Blade 4 Dual Pet to vacuum up any mess brought in from the garden. With up to 90 minutes runtime, it cleans carpets better than the UK’s top 3 best-selling cordless vacuum cleaners* with additional motorised tool and antimicrobial protection for tough cleaning. Even better the Blade 4 Dual Pet adapts to clean your car, so if it’s full of dirt after the weekend activities, you can tackle both home and car with ease.

The sun is shining, and a summer BBQ with friends and family is just want you needed, however as we all know the good weather doesn’t last long and can quickly change to rain. With everyone quickly moving indoors, in comes the dirt with them, and potentially leaving muddy footprints on the floors. The best tool to tackle this is the VAX ONEPWR cordless Glide, it vacuums, washes, and dries your hard floors at the same time and kills 99.9% of bacteria**, meaning you can quickly return to enjoy the BBQ. Currently available for just £199.99, it’s an offer you don’t want to miss.

Once the party is over and the guests have gone, you might want to look to freshen up your carpets, perhaps the kids walked in dirt and grass which has left stains. The tool for this is the Platinum SmartWash carpet washer, VAX’s best ever carpet washer which kills over 99% of bacteria*** and with next generation motion sense technology, it’s effortlessly simple to use.

If you’re mid-way through a party and someone spills their drink, you might not want to pull out the carpet washer, instead why not reach for the VAX SpotWash, a spot cleaner which effectively removes spills and stains, by combining powerful suction and deep hygienic cleaning tools, with a specifically formulated cleaning solution designed to target everyday stains. Its compact design allows you to tuck it away in your cupboard so its easy to reach when an accident occurs.

* UK market data, Jan 2021 – Dec 2021 (by sales volume), when tested in boost mode on carpet according to IEC 62885-4:2020 part 5.3. ** When used with ONEPWR Multi-Floor Solution. ***When used with Vax Platinum Antibacterial Solution.

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