Cleaning up after your four-legged friend with Vax


Have you recently got a pet, or maybe had one for years? Either way they’re sure to have created some mess over time. If you’re looking for the best way to help clean up or prevent long-term stains and damage to your home, Vax is here to help.

Perhaps your pet is allowed on the sofa for cuddles, or sneaks on there when you’re not looking. Has the sofa started to smell and look dirty? Baking soda is great household item to help freshen up your cushions or upholstery, simply sprinkle it over, let it sink in and then vacuum it up. For a deeper clean, you could try the Vax SpotWash Duo spot cleaner with specifically formulated solution to remove any paw prints or stains your pet has left.

One cleaning tip for dog owners to help keep their home cleaner for longer is to opt for light-coloured toys and try to restrict them from being on the carpet for too long. Some toys like chew bones can embed stains on fabric and carpet which you might not appreciate even if it’s your dog’s favourite toy!

Are you blown away by the amount of pet hair you’re finding everywhere? One way to quickly pick up fur is using a damp rubber glove. For a bigger clean up, you’ll need a trusty vacuum cleaner like the Blade 4 Dual Pet, which comes with a motorised pet tool to make light work of cleaning pet beds and upholstery too.

Have you found your clothes are covered in pet hair, even after washing them? A tip to help tackle it is wiping the drum of your washing machine with a cloth to pick up any excess hair, putting it on a rinse cycle and then clean out the drain pump filter.  Hopefully you’ll have less pet hair attached to you, unless you like to have daily cuddles with your furry friend.

Finally, those never-ending muddy paw prints on your carpets could be very frustrating, especially with the current weather! Many cleaning experts recommend leaving the mud to dry, vacuuming away and then blotting the remaining stains with soapy water. However, with a Vax spot washer you can tackle them immediately as it removes everyday spills and stains, leaving your carpets smelling fresh and looking clean.

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