Vax Air Lift Range

Powerful, multi cyclonic lift out vacuum cleaners — the Vax Air Lift Range.

From £129.99

The UK's lightest corded lift out vacuum cleaner*

The Vax Air Lift vacuum cleaner is perfect for the stairs and hard to reach places in your home. It's great for cleaning the stairs and car too.

Multi-cyclonic with no loss of suction**

With no loss of suction, the Vax Air Lift Steerable is the best performing lift-out vacuum cleaner in the UK.

Features & Benefits

Best pick up

Outstanding pick up

The best pick up performance from any lift out vacuum cleaner in the UK.**

UK Lightest Corded Lift Out

UK Lightest Corded Lift Out*

Designed to be compact and light-weight, the Air Lift weighs just 3.5kg.

AAAA Rated

AAAA Rated

A rating for energy, pick up, and filtration - effortless clean all around the home.



The Vax Air Lift range has been designed to allow you to clean your entire home and car easily.

Steerable Technology

Steerable Technology

The Vax Air Lift's steerable technology allows you to navigate smoothly around furniture and other obstacles with ease.

Turbo Tool


The powerful TurboTool will remove embedded dirt and pet hair from various above the floor surfaces around your home.

Total Home Clean

With the Vax Air Lift, you will be able to clean your entire home, easily and effectively.

From £129.99

*Compared to UK Upright Market June 2017 ** Tested to IEC62885-2. Machine must be maintained as instructed in user guide. Tested to max fill line.