Vax 6131T Multifunction Carpet Cleaner



The Vax 6131T Multifunction Carpet Cleaner is an ideal total home cleaning system, which powerfully vacuums, washes carpets and sucks up spills. The traditional Vax tub design makes it very robust and durable. It also has an extra large capacity, a range of tools, and a FibreFlow wash head.

Multifunctional- Vacuums, sucks up spills and cleans carpets

The Vax 6131T is a multifunctional carpet cleaner, which powerfully vacuums, washes carpets and sucks up spills, ensuring you can complete a total home clean with ease. The combination floor head allows you move easily between carpets and hard floors all within one machine. It also sucks up spills which are great for busy households with children and pets, meaning any accidents can be swiftly sucked up.

Large Capacity

Having a large capacity ensures less frequent emptying. It has a massive 10-litre dust capacity that keeps emptying to a minimum so you can get the job done quicker, in a more time-efficient manner. It also comes equipped with a 10 metre cord, meaning you don’t have to constantly plug and unplug your machine.

On board tools

With on-board accessories offering a range of cleaning from upholstery to stairs and crevices, you can also tackle spot stains, high traffic areas and various above the floor surfaces within your home with comfort.

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