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  1. Vax Drive belt 1-9-128114-00

    Vax Drive belt
    A spare drive belt.

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    Vax Filter Kit - Type 27

    A replacement HEPA Media filter (Type 27) for your Vax vacuum cleaner.  Contains 1 x Pre-Motor and 1 x Post-Motor filter.  Clean and replace your filters regularly to maintain optimum performance. Suitable for Air, Air Pet and Air Family vacuums. 

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    Vax Filter Kit (Type 4)

    A replacement  filter kit (Type 4) for your Vax vacuum cleaner.  Contains 1 x  Pre-Motor filter and 1 x HEPA Media filter.  HEPA filters trap harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites and smoke.  Wash and replace filters regularly to maintain optimum performance.  Suitable for VRS24B/R, Power max, V-1800U, Power 1, Power 2, Essentials, Centrix 3, Power VX2 and Power 1/2 Scent of Summer Upright models.

  4. £19.99
    Vax Filter Kit (Type 3)

    A replacement filter kit (Type 3) for your Vax upright vacuum cleaner, containing 1 x Pre-Motor filter, 1 x Post-Motor filter and 1 x central HEPA media filter that traps particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites and smoke. Suitable for Astrata, Power 3, Power 4, Powermax, Swift, Centrix, Performance, Turboforce, Everyday, Infinity, U87 and VS-19 uprights.

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  5. £19.99
    Vax Filter Kit (Type 66)
    A replacement type 6 filter kit for your vacuum cleaner.

  6. £19.99
    Vax Filter Kit (Type 71)
    A replacement Filter Kit (Type 71)

  7. £9.99
    Vax Belt Kit (Type 19)
    Replacement Belt kit (Type 19) consisting 2x drive belts

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  8. £7.99
    Vax Belt Kit (Type 20)
    Belt Kit (Type 20) consists of 2x drive belt

  9. £7.99
    Vax Belt Kit (type 21)
    Belt Kit (type 21) consisting 2x drive belt

  10. £7.99
    Vax Belt Kit (Type 22)
    Belt Kit (Type 22) consisting 2x drive belt

1989 Spare parts 1989 products

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