Heated Cleaning

Why Choose Heated Cleaning?

Our Heated Cleaning range offers our best cleaning performance ever. Air is heated by passing it over the exhaust motor of your machine. This heated air is then compressed into a smaller cavity. Compressing the air builds up energy and this produces more heat.

As you clean, this heated air is directed over the brushes, warming the water and cleaning solution to better break down grease, dirt and grime.

As you extract the dirty water from your carpet, heated air is directed over the cleaning path and has a drying effect similar to a hair dryer on your carpet.

The machine's SpinScrub brush action also gently and effectively loosens dirt from carpet pile to give a deep, thorough clean.

Choose Heated Cleaning carpet washers for improved cleaning performance and reduced drying time.

All machines in the range come with a 6 Year Guarantee for complete peace of mind.