Guarantee Information


Here at Vax we work hard to design great products that meet your needs. Built for a continual high performance, we want your machine to last as long as possible. Did you know that during the average clean, your machine will travel an amazing distance? Imagine the distance it's clocked up already! .....and just so you know, to keep it running at its best make sure you regularly maintain your machine. To help you can find lots of information on our online support centre.

Should you need to speak to us, we will need your unique registration number, so remember to register for your guarantee at

If you have purchased your machine from one of our retail partners we will require proof of purchase to activate your guarantee. So please retain the receipt.

Should you need to contact us our friendly customer service team are here to help. Contact our UK based team.


 A Vax guarantee becomes effective at the date of purchase or the delivery date. If we replace your product any remaining period will automatically transfer to your replacement product.

  • To repair or replace your machine if it is found to be defective due to the manufacturing of the materials or workmanship
  • To replace functional parts that a consumer can easily fit free of charge
  • That on the occasion the exact part is no longer available we will replace it with a functional replacement part
  • To guarantee your product for the period stated on your product information at the time of purchase
  • To provide new for old replacement, in the instance when we believe a product is beyond repair. If the exact model is not available you will be sent an equivalent specification
  • The benefits are additional to and do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer


If a vax machine is used in the way it's intended and it breaks down within the guarantee period, it's our responsibility to repair or replace it. Here's what isn't covered:

  • Premature failure to every day wear and tear
  • Belts, filters, brush bars, fuses etc
  • Accidental damage
  • Damage as a result of use not in accordance with the product instructional manual
  • Damage caused by not carrying out regular maintenance
  • Damage to cable
  • Blockages; please refer to the product instruction manual
  • The repair or replacement of your machine will not extend the period of the guarantee
  • The repair or replacement of a Vax machine refurbished by a third party
  • Any Vax machine where the manufacturers ratings label has been altered, defaced or removed
  • If you take your machine abroad the guarantee may be invalid, we will do our best to help you in your new country of residence

Faults caused by:

    • Negligent use, misuse or careless operation of the machine
    • Use of the vacuum cleaner which is not in accordance with the instruction manual
    • Use of a Vax product for anything other than normal domestic household purposes in the country in which it was purchased
    • Use of parts, accessories and consumables, which are not genuine Vax components
    • Faulty installation or repairs - unless carried out by a qualified electrician or engineer


Guarantees are transferrable with the machine and any remaining period will continue.

Here’s what you will need to provide

  • The original proof of purchase from a recognised retailer
  • Evidence of any change of ownership
  • A valid serial number from the ratings label.