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Features & Benefits

Soft Scrub Brush

Agitates dried on grease and grime and removes build-up of dirt with minimal effort. The soft bristles tackle dirt and are ideal for more delicate surfaces. The integrated ‘scraper edge’ helps to remove stubborn dried on stains without having to change the tool. Uses: cookers and hobs, sinks, taps, worktops and much more.

Deep Scrub Brush

The deep scrub brush has tough, strong bristles that help tackle more stubborn dirt and grime. The specially designed ‘scraper edge’ helps to remove stuck-on dirt without changing tools. Uses: oven doors and hobs, grills, BBQ’s and much more.

Grout Brush

The grout brush tackles dirt, mould and mildew on tile grout. The slim bristle head design means you can target the grout line with ease. Uses: tile grout in all areas.

Pro Cleaning Pad

The pro cleaning pad has a textured surface to tackle stuck-on dirt, and is ideal for those grimier jobs. Uses: oven doors, hobs, tiles, baths, child highchairs, work surfaces and much more.

Microfibre Pad

The microfibre pad captures dirty water and spills, and is ideal for cleaning a variety of surfaces. Uses: worktops, sinks, cupboards, tables, doors, shelves and much more.


Vax Clean and Scrub Steam Kit