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Features & Benefits

360° Adapter

The 360° Tool Adapter attaches to your Steam Fresh Combi/Classic/Pet so you can then attach your 360° Connector.

360° Connector

Our 360° Connector enables you to access all areas with steam. It twists, so that you don’t have to - making steam cleaning easier on the wrist! Your 360° tools attach to this connector, so keep it safe.

Precision Tool

The handy Precision Tool quite simply targets a blast of steam where you need it. It tackles small crevices and awkward areas. Uses: around taps, dials and edges.

Soft Scrub Brush

Agitates dried on grease and grime and removes build up of dirt with minimal effort. The soft bristles tackle dirt and are ideal for more delicate surfaces. The integrated ‘scraper edge’ helps to remove stubborn dried on stains without having to change the tool. Uses: cookers and hobs, sinks, taps, worktops and much more.