• Why Wash Your Carpets?

    Vax Carpet Cleaners

    Why Wash Your carpets?

    Vacuum cleaning on its own leaves behind grime and dried in stains embedded deep within the carpet pile. Vax carpet cleaners remove this build-up of dirt, allergens and their accompanying odours, as well as being great for clearing up spills, making them ideal for homes with children and pets.

    Washing regularly will leave your carpet clean, hygienic and looking as good as new, and will prolong its life & help avoid expensive costs of carpet replacement.

    Check out our award winning Rapide Ultra 2 carpet cleaner, for outstanding cleaning performance and quick drying results.

  • Why Buy a Vax Carpet Cleaner?

    Vax Carpet Cleaners

    Why Buy a Vax carpet cleaner?

    As the first brand in the world to launch a domestic wet-dry carpet cleaner in the 1970s, Vax has since been recognised for its high-performance carpet washers and outstanding cleaning results. Today, we have a state-of-the-art range of powerful and easy-to-use models, harnessing the latest in carpet cleaner technology.

    Vax carpet cleaners can be used to clear up spills straight away, avoiding the build-up of stains. Vax carpet cleaners are both cost-efficient and hassle-free, achieving great results quickly and easily.

  • Carpet Cleaner Uses

    Vax Carpet Cleaners


    Vax carpet cleaners are extremely versatile, as well as washing carpets many come with upholstery tools to wash and refresh your upholstery, stairs and your car interiors too.

    Vax multi-function cleaners can be used to effortlessly dry vacuum, wash carpets and suck up accidental spills using just one multitasking machine. These adaptable-yet-powerful Vax cleaners can effectively tackle a wide variety of floor types including carpets, laminate, tiles, and hard wood floors.

  • Removing Stains and Spills

    Vax Carpet Cleaners

    Removing Stains & Spills

    Vax carpet cleaners are great for sucking up spills so are perfect for homes with children or pets, as you can quickly and easily clear up after them to help prevent the build-up of grime and stains.

    Powerful spinning brushes within the carpet washer agitate the carpet pile to loosen and lift out marks and stains, whilst Vax carpet cleaning solutions help to break down grime to leave your carpets spotless. Some of our cleaners also feature the SpinScrub Wash Tool, which is great for targeting stains for a deeper and more thorough clean.

  • Our Technologies

    Vax Carpet Cleaners

    Our Technologies

    Our patented heated cleaning technology delivers high performance cleaning, as well as helping to dry your carpets quicker.

    Dual V Twin Air Path Technology uses two channels of powerful suction to remove the maximum possible amount of liquid from your carpets during washing, so are ready to be walked on much sooner.

    Vax SpinScrub Technology provides deep cleaning by loosening embedded grime deep in the carpet pile. Carpet cleaners supplied with the SpinScrub Wash Tool harness this same technology for compact areas, like stairs and upholstery.

  • Our Carpet Cleaning Solutions

    Vax Carpet Cleaners

    Our Carpet Cleaning Solutions

    Vax carpet washers come with a bottle of one of our specially designed carpet cleaning solutions for excellent cleaning, with a full range available to buy online. Our solutions are formulated to effectively break down grime, leaving your carpets looking spotless.

    Our range also includes solutions that can be used with or without a carpet washer, such as our Pre Treatment Sprays to powerfully target stains before washing your carpets. Vax Post Treatment Sprays then help to protect your carpets from further soiling so that they stay spotless for longer.

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  • Rapide Ultra Carpet Cleaner


    VAX Rapide Ultra Carpet Cleaner Washer W90-RU-B
    • Why Buy Me?
    • 2 year guarantee
    • 473ml Ultra+ Carpet Cleaning Solution
    • Dual V Technology
    • Extra Large Capacity (Over 4L)
    • Upholstery Wash Tool
    More Details
  • Dual V Advance Total Home Carpet Cleaner


    VAX Dual V Advance Total Home Carpet Cleaner
    • Why Buy Me?
    • 1.4L Hard Floor Cleaning Solution
    • 473ml Ultra+ Carpet Cleaning Solution
    • 6 year guarantee
    • Dual V Technology
    • Longer Reach Hose
    • Our Most Powerful Carpet Washer
    • SpinScrub Wash Tool for Upholstery & Stairs
    More Details
  • Dual Power Carpet Cleaner


    VAX Dual Power Carpet Cleaner
    • Why Buy Me?
    • 2 year guarantee
    • 250ml Ultra+ Carpet Cleaning Solution
    • Compact
    • Dual Rotating Brushbar
    • Lightweight (less than 6kg)
    More Details

13 Results found

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