VAX ONEPWR™ 1.5A Dual Bay Charger

The VAX ONEPWR 1.5A Dual Bay Charger safely stores 2 VAX ONEPWR batteries. It brings the first battery to full charge before charging the second battery.
  • Rapid charge - Charge a single battery from empty to 100% in just 3 hours.
  • Charging for 2 batteries - Charges and stores 2 batteries sequentially. Brings first battery docked to a full charge before charging the second battery.
  • Energy efficient - The ONEPWR dual bay charger only uses the energy it needs, once a ONEPWR battery is fully charged, the charger will power down for maximum energy efficiency & to protect the battery from overcharging.
  • Charge anywhere in the home - Designed with cord management for easy and convenient storage anywhere & a sleek design. The ONEPWR dual bay charger can be stored on the countertop or mounted on the wall.
  • LED indication - With built in diagnostics, you always know your battery is at optimal condition, ensuring battery life and performance. If there is a problem with your battery the LED indicators will let you know.

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