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What's in the Box

  • Vacuum Cleaner

  • 2-in-1 tool

  • TurboTool

  • User Guide

Features & Benefits

Height Adjuster dial

The Vax Dynamo Power Reach upright vacuum cleaner features a height adjuster dial that adapts to both carpets and hard floors so you can effortlessly move between floor types without interruption. Cyclonic technology also ensures a powerful performance.

Ideal for homes with pets

The TurboTool helps to remove embedded dirt and pet hair from upholstery, stairs and even pet beds with ease. The TurboTool simply attaches to your hose and the rotating brushes agitate any stubborn hair or fluff.

Long reach hose for easy stair cleaning

The long reach hose means you can easily clean to the top of your stairs without having to take the machine with you. The hose is also convenient for reaching awkward spaces so you can clean floor to ceiling with ease.

Large capacity for less frequent emptying

The Vax Dynamo Power Reach upright has a large capacity for less frequent emptying. This will ensure you can complete a total home clean in a more time efficient manner.