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Features & Benefits

The Window Tool

The window tool is perfect for cleaning glass and other mirrored surfaces. It is designed to give edge to edge steam distribution, for a more even steam clean. Use with the squeegee side first to clean and wipe away excess water, and then rotate to use the window pad to dry the surface. The pad is easy to attach and detach and machine-washable for re-use. Uses: windows, shower screens, tiles, mirrors and other similar surfaces.

Deep Scrub Brush

The deep scrub brush has tough, strong bristles that help tackle more stubborn dirt and grime. The specially designed ‘scraper edge’ helps to remove stuck-on dirt without changing tools. Uses: oven doors and hobs, grills, BBQ’s and much more.

Grout Brush

The grout brush tackles dirt, mould and mildew on tile grout. The slim bristle head design means you can target the grout line with ease. Uses: tile grout in all areas.

The Flexible Extension Hose

The flexible extension hose attaches to your handheld to provide some extra cleaning reach. Use with the 360° connector and steam tools for high or hard to reach areas.

The Flexi-Tool

The flexi-tool is our ultimate steam cleaning tool for a multitude of tasks. The long, thin, flexible design helps to reach into crevices or tackle large flat surfaces quickly. It comes with 2 coloured Microfibre Socks, allowing you to easily switch between cleaning tasks. The white sock is for use on surfaces, cupboards and showers and the grey sock is for use on upholstery. Uses: between blinds, kitchen appliances and cupboard door handles, as well as worktops, cupboards, curved shower screens, curtains, car seats and much more.


Vax Multi Surface Steam Kit