VAX Stain Removal Kit

The must have stain removal kit for successful removal of everyday stains, tough stains and also 99.9%* of bacteria.
  • All bottles are 100% recycled plastic** 100% made from rPET which can be recycled many times, lessening the environmental impact of plastics.
  • Spring Fresh Fragrance
  • Woolsafe approved
  • Ready to use stand alone sprays

Vax Stainshot™ Original 750ml

  • Tackles everyday stains, gentle enough for frequent use
  • Great for removing stains such as: food/drink & cough syrup

Vax Stainshot™ Oxy Lift 750ml

  • Tackles tough stains, the Oxy formula helps to break down & lift tough, embedded dirt & soils.
  • Great for removing darker coloured stains such as: red wine, dark berry smoothie, water colour pens

Vax Stainshot™ Antibacterial 750ml

  • Tackles stains & odours associated with the growth of bacteria.
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria***

*only for Stainshot™ Antibacterial, **excluding 35% recycled trigger, ***Compliant with BS EN1276:2019


VAX Stain Removal Kit

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