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  1. £3.49
    Vax StainShotTM Pet 500ml Cleaner

    Best for breaking down and removing specific stains like red wine, cola, juice, oil, sauce, tea and coffee and other common household spills.

    Suitable for use on wool, polyester and raffia carpets.

  2. £2.99
    Vax CarpetBoost™ Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

    CarpetBoostTM is a shampoo for cleaning carpets and upholstery. It removes deep down dirt, red wine, tea and much more!

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  3. £3.49
    Vax AAA 500ml

    Vax AAA Carpet Cleaning solution gently and effectively cleans carpets and upholstery with a fresh fragrance.

  4. £3.99
    Vax CarpetBoost™ Pet Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

    The CarpetBoostTM Pet is a shampoo for carpets that removes deep down dirt, red wine and much more!

  5. £14.99
    VAX AAA Post Treatment Solution 1.5L

    Vax AAA Post Treatment solution helps to give your carpets some extra protection after washing, by making those troublesome areas less likely to stain so quickly. Applied through your carpet cleaner's pre-treatment wand or manually.

  6. £6.99
    Vax Pre Treatment Trigger Spray 500ml

    Vax Pre-Treatment spray is for use before carpet washing to treat areas prone to high traffic and stubborn stains.  The easy to use trigger spray targets tough spots and stains to loosen embedded dirt before washing.

  7. £3.99
    CarpetBurst Citrus Burst Scented Vacuum Granules

    Vax CarpetBurst™ scented vacuum granules release a citrus burst fragrance while you vacuum.  Simply pour into your vacuum's dirt bin.

  8. £11.99
    Vax AAA+ Pet Carpet Cleaning Solution 1.5L

    Vax AAA+ Pet carpet cleaning solution gently lifts out stubborn dirt and stains, whilst neutralising unpleasant pet odours. It leaves carpets and upholstery clean with a fresh Ocean Breeze fragrance. For use with all Vax carpet washers

  9. £3.99
    VAX Carpet Shampoo 'For Pets' 750ml

    Vax Carpet Shampoo Pet provides a deep down manual clean on carpets and upholstery.  Just mix with water and clean with a sponge or cloth.  Neutralises pet odours, with a fresh fragrance.

  10. £16.99
    Ultra + Cleaning Cleaning Solution

    Vax ultra+ deep cleans and removes tough stains from carpets and upholstery.  Our ultra+ range offers our best cleaning performance, with no sticky residue.  For use with any Vax carpet cleaner.

25 Cleaning Detergents 25 products

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