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Features & Benefits


The dehumidifier’s humidistat allows you to choose your desired humidity level. It then monitors the humidity in the room and automatically changes the fan speed to maintain your chosen humidity.

Clothes dry mode

The Power Extract dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air which helps to reduce the time it takes clothes to dry. The fan automatically runs on high to help you clothes dry faster.

24 hour timer

The Power Extract features a 24 hour timer. This allows you to programme your dehumidifier to turn on and off exactly when you need it.

Night mode

Perfect for night time use, night mode turns the fan speed to low and turns off the lights so your dehumidifier carries on maintaining your room’s humidity while you get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Smart Sensor Technology

The Power Extract features Vax’s Smart Sensor Technology. This automatically monitors the humidity in the room and the indicator light will let you know if the room is too wet, too dry or at optimum humidity.

Fan only mode

Use your dehumidifier all year round with the fan only mode. This turns off the extraction and circulates the air in your room.


Vax Power Extract 20L Dehumidifier