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How do I register?

You can register your Vax on the Vax website registrations page - click here.

To register you will need –

  • Model & Serial Number
  • Contact Details
  • Proof of Purchase
I bought the product directly from Vax, do I need to register it or is it automatically registered?
No, as you purchased directly from us we have completed your registration. Confirmation of your registration will have been issued to the email address provided at the point of sale.
Can I transfer ownership of my machine?
In short yes, the ownership of a guarantee can be transferred.

  • If the product was purchased from one of our chosen retailers, the original purchase details will need to be provided.
  • If the product was purchased from a private seller off eBay, the eBay receipt would not be accepted. We would need to see the original purchase details.
  • Something to bare in mind is that when transferring ownership, the customer will only receive the remainder of the guarantee. The guarantee will not start from the date of purchase from eBay, but the original date of purchase on the
What are the benefits of registering my Vax product?
Registering your machines full guarantee gives you easy access to product & customer support.
How do I update my registration details?
To update your registration details, please contact us here.
What if my guarantee period is shorter than expected?
In order to activate your extended guarantee, registration of your product needed to be completed within 90 days of your purchase. Any registration after this period will receive a standard 1 year guarantee.
I don't have a camera to take a photo of my receipt, how can I complete my registration?
You can post a photo copy of your receipt to us at the following address:

  • Vax LTD (UK)
  • Customer Contact Team
  • Pointon Way
  • Droitwich
  • WR9 0LW

Please ensure you only send a copy and not the original as it will not be returned to you. You will also need to include your full name and address, and machine details to allow us to complete the registration for you.

The picture I want to upload is too big, how do I reduce the size of the image?

To check the size of the file, please choose from one of the two links below:

Do I need to keep my proof of purchase?
We would encourage you to keep your purchase details as this would be needed to validate you guarantee, should you need any support.

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